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    Vsphere 5.5 DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 file copy slow

    Shteve- This is the exactly the symptom I am experiencing. Can you be more specific as to what BIOS your are speaking of? Are you talking about the controller BIOS? Thanks for your help, Haywood
  2. HaywoodFloyd

    Vsphere 5.5 DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 file copy slow

    Aigor- Thanks for the reply. I have been testing with a file copy on my local GB network. Network utilization is very low while disk utilization is 100% during the file transfers. Haywood
  3. Hey all, Just wondering if anybody has seen a similar problem... I have just booted my first XPEnology with ESXi 5.5. Install went fine and updated to update 4 with no issues. Many thanks to all who posted info and guides on how to do this. Just in testing so far I have added 1 3TB VMDK to the VM and reads are not great at 60-70 MB/s and writes start out OK but quickly fall to 5-10 MB/s. From the Resource Monitor I can see Disk Utilization pegged at 100% during these file transfers. All other resources are barely touched. The VM is provisioned with 4GB RAM and 2 cores. Any ideas?? Thanks, Haywood
  4. HaywoodFloyd

    Change from 3612xs to 3615xs

    Thanks for the reply! Will I be able to keep my existing data when I change both the model and DSM version at the same time? Thanks again, Haywood
  5. HaywoodFloyd

    Change from 3612xs to 3615xs

    Hey all, I have a bare metal install with 3612xs image and DSM 5.0-4493 I have the image for 3615xs and files for DSM 5.1-5022 but as wondering can I upgrade both the image and DSM? Thanks, Haywood