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  1. Shteve- This is the exactly the symptom I am experiencing. Can you be more specific as to what BIOS your are speaking of? Are you talking about the controller BIOS? Thanks for your help, Haywood
  2. Aigor- Thanks for the reply. I have been testing with a file copy on my local GB network. Network utilization is very low while disk utilization is 100% during the file transfers. Haywood
  3. Hey all, Just wondering if anybody has seen a similar problem... I have just booted my first XPEnology with ESXi 5.5. Install went fine and updated to update 4 with no issues. Many thanks to all who posted info and guides on how to do this. Just in testing so far I have added 1 3TB VMDK to the VM and reads are not great at 60-70 MB/s and writes start out OK but quickly fall to 5-10 MB/s. From the Resource Monitor I can see Disk Utilization pegged at 100% during these file transfers. All other resources are barely touched. The VM is provisioned with 4GB RAM and 2 cores. Any ideas?? Thanks, Haywood
  4. Thanks for the reply! Will I be able to keep my existing data when I change both the model and DSM version at the same time? Thanks again, Haywood
  5. Hey all, I have a bare metal install with 3612xs image and DSM 5.0-4493 I have the image for 3615xs and files for DSM 5.1-5022 but as wondering can I upgrade both the image and DSM? Thanks, Haywood