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  1. My Q2900 system on DSM 4493 was being too troublesome , so I managed to wrangle my elderly parents through the steps of adding a hdmi cable / switching USB drive & hitting enter on the Nanoboot Install option in order to migrate to 4528. Although the DSM upgrade went well, it took a few minutes only to generate the same LAN hanging problem on this release. Looks like this system will be pulled out next time I am up there as its reliability is a liability. Also, a PM question arrived but i could find no way to respond, it appears USB storage devices are not showing inside DSM - so i suspect the USB driver is also not supported properly.
  2. Hello, I have same LAN hanging problem experienced on a Q2900 system, very annoying as I installed this 800kms away to look after my parents storage needs. I had the hanging problem initially when loading 3x4Tb of external disk data across LAN , probably 4 hangs in all. After the data transfer finished it seemed to run well for a month or so, but now any small copies I kick off seem to generate a fault again. I also am using DSM 5.0-4493 , hopefully one of the other builds will fix this next time i have reason to visit the family up there, otherwise I will look at ripping the mobo out & installing something more robust.