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  1. I have a Readynas RN516. I would like to load the latest 5.1 on this unit. The bios on this unit resets the default bootdevice to the internal USB which holds the base Netgear ReadyNAS boot code. I would like to boot to the XPEnology OS via usb. I understand that chainloading would allow me to do this. I have never does this process before. Could anyone here provide me instructions on how to chainload our OS? Thanks much for the help. Bill
  2. Very interesting. I only have this issue if I put 8 GB ram into the unit. Reverted back to 4GB and this does not happen. I will put the 8GB back into the unit and see if I still have the same issue. Will try your script after I get back in town, traveling currently, and add the RAM. Thanks, Bill
  3. Update after reboot network was up and then dropped again. I am running on a Readynas Pro6. I am reverting to 5.0 and see if the issue goes away. This is an lcap bond and the switch does show both nics off line. Bill
  4. This morning after days of this unit running the bonded network connection was dead. The console was live. All services seemed to be running in top however the network services were dead. How does one restart network in this build. And any idea why this would happen? A reboot brought the network and NAS live again. Thanks, Bill
  5. Can acpi_enforce_resources=lax be added to the grub start up? Using 5.0-4528? Looks like the Readynas Pro 6 I have is not loading the fan sensors. Many of the groups out there are suggesting this. Thanks Bill
  6. I have a Pro 6 as well only showing the CPUs in the sensors. Did anyone get around this or find a fix? I have seem some kernal setting for enforce_acpi... = lax not sure if that is the issue or not.