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    Help for Java installation

    Forget about installing it natively, use the Docker application in the latest Syno version to run a Minecraft server. It'll be self contained and much easier to run/manage.
  2. zorrobyte

    Offer for Hosting/Mirror

    Much appreciated! Synology seems to be a PITA with their licensing BS. Better time than ever to go underground then.
  3. zorrobyte

    Offer for Hosting/Mirror

    I found a mirror with the latest versions and also found the tutorials. Any clue as to why Xpenology is gone? Copyright issues?
  4. zorrobyte

    Offer for Hosting/Mirror

    Greetings! I know that recently there were some issues with the forums and downloads seem a little slow here from the US. **EDIT** Hell, the whole site is down. As Xpenology is one of my favorite projects, I have a Dedicated Server in Canada that I wouldn't mind provisioning a Plesk account for. I have a 1Gbps connection and true unmetered bandwidth. I also don't mind building a new site. What I need Please post dropbox/Mega/etc links to the latest Xpenology releases and source code if possible in this thread. There is no reason why we can't setup a GIT repo and turn Xpenology into a community project (although I have no idea why the project ended) ZB