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  1. Great, just different bootimage and googogogo? or?
  2. Anyone upgraded his AsrockQ1900 ITX NAS from DSM 5.0-4528 tot 5.1 yet? If so, any problems? The problem with the volume missing after 24 hours is fixed right?
  3. One disk at a time doesn't make a difference. Look; here is the situation now: Then i'm going to manage > Expand volume > Select my disk(s) > Apply: Then Initializing: Then mounting: After this mounting, the stage manager windows is going back to the first screenshot without any error or anything else:
  4. Not working. Also im not sure if that's the correct option when having DSM as OS and not virtual? But thanks for your helping
  5. Anyone having issues with adding new disks to a existing SHR volume? Any special BIOS options needed? When I want to add 2 new disks it will finish but it won't create the 4 disk volume.. See: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5119 Hope to hear
  6. Hi Xpenology users, Not sure if i'm at the right point here. If not, please let me know. I'm trying to add new 1tb disks (2x) to my current SHR volume (containing 2x 1tb). Everything is going well, DSM does see the drives and are listed in the overviews. While expanding I see the messages like; initialising and mounting and the 4 disks are listed. But after mounting the 2 are gone and nothing is changed at all.. Even if I add one of both disks, none works! Any idea on what the problem could be? Please let me know! Motherboard: ASRock Q1900-ITX DSM version: 5.