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    Idiot mistake

    did you try this ?
  2. Hi I found the solution: wrong time and date on ESXi host. Fix: set proper time, date and also on esxi AND synology parameters. It just works
  3. Do you guys have the package center working with update 2 ?
  4. No SSL after a security update... wow !
  5. Hi It is possible to migrate disks from a standalone xpenology or synology to a virtualized xpenology using RDM. I did it. It worked.
  6. is it possible to replace synodisk by something that reads RDM ?
  7. Hi Thank you for your advice. This is what I did: -Downloaded vmdk directly from here: -Uploaded vmdk to esxi's datastore -Converted the vmdk to the right format with the following command: vmkfstools -i XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.2.vmdk XPEnoboot.vmdk If you don't do this vmdk import in esxi (I'm running 5.1), you get an error. -Installed the resulting vmdk in an Ubuntu VM that I have on my esxi. -Edited the syslinux.cfg (as described in post #1) -Shut down ubuntu and removed the disk from ubuntu VM -Removed Nanoboot from XPEnology VM -Added XP
  8. Hi Panja Thanks for this very clear guide. What would you recommend in case of upgrade from gnoBoot for instance ? Let's say I want to upgrade DSM to 5.1 and I want to be sure none of my data will be erased, nor my settings.
  9. Hi Rémy In the link provided, at step 3, you have a link that ends up in vmware's website. You have to register, and also to apply for a free esxi license. I still haven't tried USB on my VM, but I know that you first have to add an USB controller to a VM before adding the device. I found somewhere (can't remember where, though) a package that adds open-vm-tools to your virtual xpenology. Worth adding.
  10. Hi Just set up mine, using this: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2147 except that I boot from SD. I inserted a blank micro-SD (2Gb) and also a 2.5" HDD from a notebook. You can put a SSD, but you don't really need speed there. You can mount it in the optical drive bay, or if you already have an optical drive, double-side-tape it above the RAM modules. Very easy: use ILO console. Mount ESXI ISO from there. I used 5.1 as I read there are some limits to VM management in 5.5, and I didn't feel that the new features from 5.5 would be useful to me (mostly large capacities). If anybody sees something in