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  1. I have a laptop running my setup. I have the boot drive on a USB stick and a very small SATA SSD in the laptop that is doing nothing. USB Drive 1 is the main data drive. USB Drive 2 is the backup drive for Drive 1. I tried to use the Backup function and the Shared Folders sync function, but none of these functions let me see the external USB drives as possible sources, only as destinations. I can only see as a source: NET BACKUP SSD LOCAL (name I gave the to internal SATA SSD) I have given the admin user full rights to R/W the USB Drives. Is USB excluded from being a source? thanks in advance, RDP
  2. Hello, I have a Synology USB Station 2. DSM is not supported after DSM 3.2 . I would really like to have ACL on folders and some other features of the newer DSM versions. Is it possible for XPEnology to be installed? I would be willing to test. many thanks, RDP