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  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to post that, it is much appreciated. Have to say, it looks large. And I imagine noisy if you use all the fan locations. And I can't bring myself to ever buy a Dell again! They're the Ikea of computing. Everything their way! Makes me think what a wonderful box the gen8 microserver actually is!
  2. Absolutely! I have no problem with that decision at all. And agree the reasons for it. I very recently bought a gen8 microserver and if I'd come to that realisation before, I'd probably have gone another route. That's not to say it isn't a superb solution. Just it was always a no-brainer of a decision to get one. Lots of people used them and they are almost the 'default' installation. Now the hardware decision is much more difficult and varied. The end of an era to some extent.
  3. That's true sbv3000. Actually, even a genuine Synology box is going to be orphaned at some point too. And I was running 5.2 until last week. It worked just fine, but I had that itch... Thanks for posting. I feel better now!
  4. With Jun now concentrating his efforts on the 918+ model, is this the end of updates for HP's Microservers? I have two N54L's (stock) and a Gen8 (with Xeon 1265L v2) and both are running 6.2 U2 successfully. I understand I can add a nic card (ordered an HP NC360T to fit into one) and potentially upgrade to 6.2.1. Am also considering adding an INTEL X540-T2 if that works. Might as well get some additional benefits if I have to add a network card. But my real question is this - Are the microservers now on borrowed time? I know they will probably continue to function as th
  5. I'm very grateful for this and it has been so helpful. I do have an odd issue though. Sometimes I get as far as unmounting the usb stick and then issue the command to write the synoboot image. At this point occasionally it will work, but most of the time I get 'No such file or directory'. I'm not quite sure what makes it work any more. The file is definitely on the desktop, so it must be something to do with the directory I'm addressing. I know nothing of terminal commands, so would welcome any ideas please. EDIT - I may have solved my issue myself. I issued the command 'clear' int
  6. blue max

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    If that was addressed to me, can you elaborate please? I really don't know what I can have done wrong. I have done it a few times now, so don't think I've done anything other than the instructions.
  7. blue max

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    System: HP microserver N54L. I was on 6.1 and had to hit return on a keyboard to complete loading each time, so wanted to move to 6.2 in the hope that would solve the issue. I installed 1.03b and synology assistant recognises it as migratable, but I can't connect to it! Very frustrating. It just times out. It has a 169 IP address, so is that a clue? I don't get a chance to try to install 6.2. Any ideas anyone please?
  8. Yes, was what I thought too. But sadly not. Shows just how much I screwed it up !!!!!
  9. Just tried and it didn't work. Actually, as I suspected. It wasn't that it made the wrong choice, just didn't make any choice! I don't have it connected up to a monitor and just hitting enter on the keyboard sends it on it's way. I used to have it sleep under 5.2 and only come on for an hour or so to backup my main server, so this is an expensive upgrade!
  10. Thank you so much. Though it sits on that one and just needs accepting, so wonder if that will help? However, in for a penny etc and I may be adventurous and try 6.2 in a few days. Thanks for confirming, much appreciated. I had feared the old N54L days may have been numbered in terms of updating, so this is great news!
  11. Update - managed to get DSM 6.1.7-15284 running on my N54L finally. Thanks to Dfds for his help. It didn't go as smoothly as suggested, but with perseverance, I managed it. Couldn't tell you what worked eventually as it was very fraught. However, the biggest oddity is that it won't boot up unless I attach a keyboard and hit enter. Seems it won't get past the asking which option to use to boot from. Any clues what I may be able to do about that?
  12. Is 6.1.7 update 2 actually 6.2? I thought it safe as it didn't appear to be 6.2, but can't access my nas again. And this is the end of the line for the N54L? Very sad day.
  13. So, I seemed to get it working, but initially it seemed to stick at the choices between a bare metal instal or the other two options in the bootloader (correct term?). Or bios. When I hit enter it continued. It forced reboot a couple of times when it seemed to be endlessly stuck and then it was complaining two drives were damaged but useable. But then I updated to 6.1.7 I think it was and finally update 2. Now I'm back to being unable to connect. Have I broken it? At least until someone cracks 6.2 I guess. Why didn't I leave well alone! I guess there's no way back now???
  14. Thank you for replying, but not sure what that is. I use that altered firmware that allows all sorts of other adjustments. Was it by 'the Bay'? So, if I understand correctly, I need to boot up into the bios and make a change? I have never changed that, so assume it's on by default? Is there any way of checking through the Synology screen?
  15. I know you guys must be sick of relative newbies, but I have a couple of HP N54L microservers running 5.2 famously. I suffered when I lost all my hard drives after a few days during one of my updates - and had updated my backup server too as it appeared to be OK. That will teach me! Anyway, I've stayed away for a while, but see that 6.1 seems well received now. I've done all the steps and it doesn't seem to be recognised by Synology Assistant. Well, it can see it, but doesn't see it as migratable. Stick the old usb back in and all is good. This is the same make and type
  16. I would also appreciate this too Poechi. Energy saving is one of the reasons for running a nas and this sounds like it could make quite a difference.
  17. Thank you for the idea. I'm a total pc virgin (mac user), so have very little clue about these things. You usually do the save and quit by pressing f10. How might you go about your suggestion please. Thank you. Graham
  18. I've got two N54L's and both have the same Bios Mod. One is successful and no problem. The other sticks during startup, but does not survive a restart. I'm sure I have made the correct changes, but can anyone suggest what might be going wrong please? To further explain - I do press f10 to save the changes. The hard drive in the optical bay is viewable and can be used. After a reboot, it is no longer seen. Much appreciated.
  19. To further this on. I tried putting volume 2 of my main nas into the backup nas, so there were two volume 2's. I'm now even more confused and the whole thing is an almighty mess! Not lost any data, but things are out of control, with home shares on other disks and backups now being duplicated. I had it all organised in a logical manner and it worked perfectly. I think I will just have to start again from scratch with a clean install and initialised disks.
  20. I do appreciate your reply. I know it is pretty specific! I'm a mac user, so can boot into windows seven on a bootcamp partition, but have only mastered the rudimentary stuff so far. I have used a programme recommended to activate the WOL via SSL. I think that is integrated with putty, but using commands is a step in the dark for me. Sounds like I'm going to be stuck with it unless I gen up!
  21. OK not a big issue by any means, but a real niggle and something I am hoping might be resolvable easily. I have two volumes in my N54L - both double-disk raid 0. They are Volume 1 and Volume 2. After trying to update to 5.1 and having a nightmare, I did a clean install and went back to 5.0 No data was lost and I'm back up and running 100% - Apart from Volume 1 is now Volume 2 and visa versa. Not really an issue but some applications refer to the volume number and home shares appear on the relevant volume. I tried to change it, but I can't see how as there is nowhere to edit