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  1. Even i was not able to get synology nas detected via syno assistant. Then I enabled dhcp on my router and there I got the ip address assigned to nas. Then i browsed to same IP then able to access it for updates. Try this it may work. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  2. Yes vid pid is correctly configured. Hdd connected to sata port 1. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi : Happy new year to all Xpenologiest Thanks to all developers Working on this. I was managed to connect to NAS and started updating DSM 5.2 to 6.0, But at 62% it failed with error "Failed to upload DSM installation file. Please check the network connection and try again (54)" I have tried this many times but seems its not able to write to SATA disk as HDD LED has not activity for write. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks Aniruddha
  4. Hi Friends: I am trying to update DSM 5.2-5592 but after 65% its showing error (Unknown error occurs 21). Please update if any work around to fix this. Thanks Aniruddha
  5. You can download it from or .com it works for ds3615xs. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. Hell there: I am trying to configure WOL with " " tutorial. I have followed all the steps given, Also I am able to see WOL status as "WOL" on Synology Assistant. But unable to power on using WOL, it shows progress till 100% then NA. I am using ASRock C7M1 motherboard having onboard Realtek Ethernet LAN, Below is my eth0 details. Please reply Thanks in advance Aniruddha DiskStation> ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Supported ports: [ TP MII ] Supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full 1000baseT
  7. Thanks all for your inputs, I am thinking to buy android tv box M8 or Minix neo 8. Plz suggest if you know any better box. sent from Oneplus one
  8. My TV LG42LN5400 does not have network port. That is why want to use USB to connect. sent from Oneplus one
  9. Hello Friends: I have my Xpenology diskstation DSM 5.1 working. Is it possible to connect it to LED TV using USB port?? Has anyone tried it before? Also which applications we can use to manage movie files? Thanks for your help. sent from Oneplus one
  10. If your BIOS does not support Boot from USB option, then you can consider using CF IDE Flash Drive for Xpenology (Asus M4A78-Pro board supports IDE) Below forum may help you: ... uage=en-us
  11. Hi, I have ordered ASRock C70M1 board which has 4xSATA3 ports. This mini itx mobo requires low power as amd C70 CPU consume only 9w TDP. Thank you
  12. I see ASRock Q1900-ITX also has only 2 SATA3 ports, I compared this with ASRock C70M1 (4 SATA3 ports) and Gigabyte GA-E2100N (2 SATA3 ports) also cost wise Gigabyte GA-E2100N is cheaper than Q1900-ITX. I want to know if Epenology will work with Gigabyte GA-E2100N board, I want to use only 8TB Storage (WD RED 4TB X2) so no need for more SATA ports. Thank you for your inputs
  13. Hi, I want to add only 2 hard drives to this (4TB X2). So I don't need more data ports. I have also short listed ASRock C70M1 motherboard which has 4 data ports.
  14. Hello Friends: I am planning to buy "Gigabyte GA-E2100N Motherboard" for my Xpenology setup, it has 2x Sata3 ports and works on low power. Please let me know if anyone has used this board OR please tell me if it will be compatible for Xpenology installation. Thanks, Aniruddha