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  1. As far as I can find the N54L in itself supports a stand alone GPU, however DSM does NOT support it. So all in all if you want to use it as a media player you will need to run something other then DSM on it. If anyone has any other experiences I'll happily be corrected but yea...
  2. The one big drawback for me with the gen 8 is that it doesnt seem possible to fit a 5th 3.5 disk in the top. If anyone has done this successfully I'd love to hear it though!
  3. In that case you could make the same try yourself to see if BIOS finds it or not Anyway maybe risk isnt the right word but the last time I booted up with 1 drive not seen (cable moved when I had to move the unit) it reported as degraded and made me do a rebuild to get the drive back even though I plugged it right back in and nothing changed. I just cant be assed spending another day rebuilding if that happens again. I will probably try eventually as the prospect of adding a 6th disk sounds really nice but for now I'll hold off as I dont have the money for more disks anyway.
  4. Well I took the plunge and tried. I didnt want to chance on the ODD port so I got a esata > sata cable right from the start though. Might have to try out the ODD port sometime but for now I dont have any more drives to try with and I dont want to risk messing up my array so that will have to be a later project. Anyway for anyone else reading this wondering I can hereby confirm a N54L works with 5x 6TB WD Red drives. 4x internal and 1x esata port (esata to sata cable from the back routed into the case).
  5. I use the latest modded BIOS and currently run 5x 3Tb drives so I know it works with 5 drives. The question is that the N54L seems to specifically have trouble with a 6TB on the ODD port as all I have seen confirmed on that port is up to 4TB. The wierd part is it seems to work fine on the esata port as evident from the link above. So I'm looking for someone who has actually tried it but it seems Noone around here has.
  6. Simple question, can anyone confirm a N54L will work with 5x 6TB disks (WD red)? I have found plenty of people running 4x 6TB seemingly without problems but I have yet to find a confirmed 5th disk. All I can find is this post http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/ProLiant-S ... -p/6599568 and its a bit worrying. Is this guys unit glitching or should it work on both the esata and the odd port or shouldnt it work on either? I currently use the odd port for my 5th drive and would like to continue doing so with new drives as that would be easiest hands down, but as a follow up question if I need to use the esata port instead of the odd can anyone recommend/show how to set this up? Thank you! As it looks like noone has really tried this, is there anyone out there that has a "spare" 6TB you can try plug in the ODD and/or Esata port and see if the N54L finds it at all? That would be a great start