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  1. The silence on this question is off putting, I hope you answer it @khile. Wish there more sharing both from Jun and others... like @IG-88 's drivers guide. I can understand not sharing it so its harder for Synology but cmon!@
  2. Neotronic's file is just the standard 1.02b release from jun, i doubt it will work.
  3. Any news on the update to 1.02b?
  4. Thanks I will give that a try.
  5. Whats the last known version the 0.6.1 patcher will work with? I tried with 7.1-4155 (88f628x) and it patches it but only 2 keys are available?
  6. Khile can u update it to the 1.02b loader that jun released? so we dont have to copy the kernel modules across?
  7. Yeah the 410j cant go past 5.2, hence me asking.
  8. Has anyone tried getting an older version of the official Synology units to go past DSM 5.2?
  9. Start by looking here
  10. Thanks for the feedback! yeah I had set the MAC the same as the one in the VM nic, will give it another try this week.
  11. Yeah that is what I was using, doesn't seem to boot properly though. Using the same settings on a Ubuntu live disc results in a network connection but not with the v1.02a2 img weird. Will start fresh and see how I go.
  12. Turns out the vboxmanage convertdd command did convert it ok, it was the PC i was using it on didn't have VT-x. Now to work out why I am not getting an IP address in bridged mode, which Network card did you select?
  13. How did you convert the synoboot.img to vdi or similar? I tried converting through vboxmanage convertdd but now my PC is rebooting on me every time I try to start the virtual?
  15. Thanks all, will update shortly