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  1. I think I figured it out. I had two drives that were kind of in limbo, one initialized one not, once I initialized them and setup a volume, I was able to reboot into Xpenoboot.
  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I'm booting from usb. Trying to do a baremetal upgrade. DSM 5.0-4493 6 HDD, four of which are in an SHR array. I was trying to boot from the new Xpenoboot, then upgrade once I got that booted. Is that the way that I should be doing it, or should I be updating DSM, then switching to Xpenoboot?
  3. I'm trying to upgrade my DSM 5.0 to 5.2. Im currently using Nanoboot. When I try and boot Xpenoboot from usb, I get this error, then sent to a generic grub> prompt. Any ideas? error: found two disks with the index of 0 for RAID
  4. So I had DSM running perfectly for the last few months. Not entirely sure what I did that caused a problem, but now when I try and boot I get an error saying unable to write to pidfile, that the disk is out of space. That was with gnoboot. I tried reinstalling with nanoboot. Install went well with my drives unhooked (4x3TB drives) I was able to login to DSM with no issues. Once I hooked the drives back up, nanoboot gave me a similar error when booting "cannot create directory /tmpRoot/var/tmp, the disk is out of space" I'm not sure how to fix this, and Id rather not lose the data I have on the