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    Plex sever cant start

    hi all i am on an AMD hardvare case DSM-5.2 - 5565 update 2 and i cant run the Plex server i have installd it från DSM and PLEX home site same thing and all the File/user Rights are read/write
  2. Killersplace

    Update from 5.1 to 5.2

    The official update 2 works fore me i am on an hardware XPEnology whit DSM 5.2
  3. Killersplace

    DMS login problem

    Thx m8 it whas the Ban but whu ban me ??? i put my IP on the alow List =) Thx again m8
  4. Killersplace

    DMS login problem

    hmmm you mean its band in the DSM ?
  5. Killersplace

    DMS login problem

    hi all i experienst an problem today after rebooting my cop i get ( You do not have permission to log on to the DiskStation. Please contact your admin at getting permission ) only from my comp i tried the laptop all OK there and i cant find Why i cant login I reinstald windows on my gomp and that dident help i use DSM 5.1-5022 Update 5 on Hardware (x64/x86) the wierd thing is that it hapent whitout eany warning i tested groome / IE / Spartan non whil let me login to my Diskstation
  6. Killersplace

    ??? exspand jbod nothing hapends

    hi all i installd 2 x 2 TB hdd and my existing jbod is 1 x 4 tb + 1 x 2tb and dsm sayd to me i can exspand volume 1 to xx GB and now its expanding but it says 0.00% dun after 5 hours i this normal
  7. Killersplace

    Question on update

    Thx sorry fore my lasyness
  8. Killersplace

    Question on update

    hi all i installd NB_x64_5032_DSM_50-4528_Xpenology_nl.img on the USB and then DSM_DS214play_4528.PAT on the computer and all is working OK My Q is in the kontrollpannel it says i can update to DSM 5.1-5022 can i do that ? ore do i install manualy DSM 5.0 4828 update 1 + 2 Thx all