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  1. Very nice Gary, but seriously is there other difference. Also but kind of case are people using? is 4GB RAM enough? What is the best power supply to use with one of these with 4 hard drives? I found the 30 EUR price difference quite high for the 10% performance upgrade, therefore I bought the 1900 version. 80-90 percent of the videos I have no issues, but with high bit rate 1080 videos it lags ocassionally. The average CPU usage is very close to 100% during the whole play. In such cases the additional 10% performance upgrade maybe could "change the world", and those movies could be pl
  2. "Any chance you can post some pictures or detail how you connected the power brick? I am trying to decide between the Q1900 or Q1900DC. Did you drill a hole in the case for the power jack? I'm building a small 2 drive system and the "DC" version is very appealing. I'd ideally like to get a cheap $30-40 case but have no idea what to do with the 'psu' hole in the back. Thoughts/Ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, -john" Hello John, sorry for the very late reply! The DC version have a DC power connection slot on the back panel, so you do not have to drill
  3. 1.- DSM 5.0-4493 works ok, except some ramdon error with lan that causes freezes ( Hello, not exactly the same issue but... I have a PC running Win7 and Hackintos Yosemite. On Win7 everything was OK, but under Yosemite when I copied files with File Station I experienced freezing of OSX. But Xpenology (5.0 4528 Update 2) had no problem. Copying with OSX file manager was smooth, no problems at all. For me the solution came once I solved the Wake On LAN problem with driver downgrade (see page 24 of this topic). Maybe it can h
  4. Hello all, I would like to thank for the community all of the help which I found on this site. Now my Fractal Node 304 and Q1900DC with 4 WD RED 2TB HDD in SHR powered by ASUS 120W powerbrick works perfectly, it is silent and cool. I'm satisfied with the performance as well. Current situation: - USB ports working without any problem - MAC changed to mobo MAC - Serial changed to another fake serial (is serial used for something?) - OS handled scheduled power on/off works - Wake On LAN working (remote Wake Up still not tried) - Added some community package sources - Many hour
  5. Hooking up all the fans will be overkill. The 140 hooked to the case fan plug on the MB should be plenty of air flow. I have the rosewill v6 and only a 140 mm fan and my temps are fine. You must be right. This is not a gamer system, it won't generate too much heat. Thanx! nickjames
  6. "HI nickjames, I have the case you're asking about. The back of the case has a fan switch controller. It takes a molex 4 pin power to feed it. and in the controller has 3 connectors for your case fans. So all you really need is 1 4pin molex from your PSU and just plug the case fans into the controller. Easy. " But Asrock Q1900DC is a 19V power brick powered mobo, so I have no PSU.... This is my headache.
  7. Hello! After hours of research I decided to to build a XPEnology NAS with Fractal Node 304 case (with 4 HDD's) and Q1900DC mobo. But one thing forgotten, how will I feed the 3 case fans? There is only one case fan connector on the mobo, it could feed the 140 mm fan. There is a CPU fan connector as well, it might be powerful enough to feed one of the 92 mm fan. Is it? But what to do with the second 92 mm fan? Any recommendation? Can I use a splitter for the mobo case fan connector and use it for the 140 mm and 92 mm fan(s)? Or would it be too much load? Another solution considered t