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      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. My First post here: NEED NAS BUILD ADDVICE

    I had the keys from my real diskstation. Everything went fine when transferring them to xpenology. Gesendet von meinem RAINBOW JAM mit Tapatalk
  2. My First post here: NEED NAS BUILD ADDVICE

    I run the i5 mentioned in the initial post with 4gb ram. 24/7 plex with 2-3 streams simultaneously, 2 of them transcoding full HD stuff. Besides 6 cams recording permanently, timemachine and Windows backups running frequently. Only problem was the crappy Realtek driver which caused lockups with too many connections, but since the last xpenoboot version that's history and the machine works like a charm. Unlight
  3. Lockup on multiple connections

    Did anyone experience lockups when opening multiple connections to the NAS? I.e. when I copy something to the station while there is a Timemachine backup running in the background? It doesn´t seem to be MoBo specific as I encountered the problem with various ones. Connenction is over a Cat6 cable, so that shouldn´t be the problem. Any Ideas? Thanks, Unlight EDIT: After some fiddling I found out that it´s just happening when I use afp, when I use smb or nfs I can start as many copy processes as I want. Strange behaviour! No one else with that problem?
  4. Constant MyDS message

    I recently updated to 5.1, everything went great just one thing is different. I constantly get a MyDS error message that says that I can't login; strangely I didn't check the option to login. All options in the MyDS section are unchecked, only a username I used earlier is greyed out in the name section. Is this normal? I don't like the idea of permanently connecting to synology. Anyone else encountering this? Greets Unlight
  5. Upgrading Hardware on existing Setup

    I didn't. If it matters than I had luck. But I read elsewhere that it doesn't matter.
  6. Upgrading Hardware on existing Setup

    Just wanted to give some info on this topic: I switched from asus H81M-K Mainboard with Pentium G3220 to Asrock H81M-VG4 with i5 4590. Had to reboot once and the Server was exactly the same. All 3 HDDs were exactly as before. Unlight
  7. Copy large files from xpenology to pc

    Got the same problem, I did not know that failure of some hardware between could result in crashing the whole nas. I expected just the file transfer to stop. Also, my server doesn't always crash when I transfer large data.