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    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Re: Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX Postby yondaskywalker » 13 May 2017 14:35 Finally i had to backup all my data and do a clean install with 1.02a loader using 15101(3615xs) pat file manually. Updated inside control panel to u2 and put my data back . Now on 15101 u2 everything looks fine at the moment. Btw looks much faster than b4 Have PID/VID correctly set up? Hello yondaskywalker, I tired the clean install, unfortunately didn't work, It stoped with error 21. I'm sorry I'm not too expert, what is the PID/VID setup? Is it BIOS settings?
  2. mustang28

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hi Schnapps, I tried it! Don't work. I have got same error message what I linked. I don't understand why don't work? I updated the mainboard BIOS on LAN.
  3. mustang28

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Hy everybody, I use a Xpenology NAS with asrock Q1900itx mainboard. I have a problem with 6.0.2 or 6.1 xpenoboot. Unfortunately, I can not install nothing. If I try 5.2 it's run, but the 6.0.2, or 6.1 not. The install stop with error 21. I get this error message. ... k.jpg?dl=0 What I do wrong? Can somebody help me?