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  1. Ok. Now I need to find cheap, LGA1150, fully compatible with xpenology motherboard:) Any suggestions? Even 2 SATA ports are enough for me:)
  2. Ok, so I have decided to get G3258. What is the best mobo option for it to fully support Xpenology?
  3. Hey guys. I recently bought Qnap 212p, but it is not as powerful as I need. Now I am planning to build my own machine with DSM onboard. Most important thing for me is high bitrate 1080p transcoding (about 10-20GB mkv). Will Asrock Q1900 do the job? Or should I invest in something like G3285? Q1900DC-ITX or G3285+H81M-ITX ? The difference in TDP is quite big (10W vs 53W), but G3285 is about 2x more powerful than j1900. The question is if J1900 can play thos 1080p mkv files without any problem. Do those mobos work well with xpenology? Thanks for the anowers in advance;)