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  1. There is a search button. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11958&p=54814&hilit=wrong+cpu#p54814
  2. FW update was first thing that i did. It does not help unfortunately.
  3. Thanks for reply, but LAN 2 in still not showing up. Link with switch is established, but i have no control over it.
  4. Hi, I'm runing XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 on intel baremetal with Dell bcm5709c dual port ethernet adapter. Problem is, that under network interface there in only LAN 1 and no LAN 2. Both ports are working fine under windows. I tried to enable and disable integrated realtek and it shows as LAN 3 adapter. Anyone has any idea? Sorry for my bad english.
  5. IBM Serveraid M1015 SAS/SATA or something with LSI SAS2008 controller. It's old, but well supported and cheap. Just look on ebay, you may get one for 70-80€.
  6. Unfortunately there is not enough info to be 100% sure. But i'm 90% sure it is ok.
  7. I think you are wrong. The big chip is probably PLX pci express switch (or some other brand) and the smaller ones are actual 88SE9215 sata controlers. So in theory this controler can provide about 2GB/s. If the price is good, i would definitely buy it.
  8. Is that through 2 different IPs? Because aggregation won't increase bandwidth to a single IP address.
  9. It does not work that way. You can get 2Gbit link, but it will not work with speed higher than 1Gbit. I tried server and client with dual ethernet, got 2Gbit link on both sides, but still got 115-120MB/s max.
  10. You dont have 10GBit Lan card anyway, so it does not matter.
  11. Now that is down, where can i find whole tutorial for this modules for intel? I read a bunch of posts, but i can't understand anything, its all messed up. Edit: after a few hours, i've did it. cpuidle is working.
  12. Thanks, but last tutorial is missing.
  13. It would be really nice if this stuff was included in xpenoboot.