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    [SOLVED] XPEnology install ESXI 6.5

    Can someone create a step by step guide of how to install from scratch? I have ESXI 6.5 running and have created a new virtual machine selecting: Guest OS Other 3.x or later Linux (64-bit) Compatibility ESXi 6.5 and later (VM version 13) But then I dont' really understand how I should add vmdk, iso etc. Could someone explain?
  2. burton666

    Guide of how to install 6.0.2 from scratch ?

    Thanks for the info, I only have one more question. In the tutorial this is some of the steps: Change sn=C7LWN09761 to sn=[your sn] Change mac1=0011322CA785 to mac1=[your mac address] Is this something I find in my server hardware or how do I find out what values to use?
  3. I know there are alot of install guides for similar tasks but I do not understand how to get to 6.0.2 from scratch. I had DSM 5.1 installed on a HP N54L before it crached and when I tried to reinstall it something went wrong and every time the server rebooted it stopped working until I reinstalled again. Do I need to install DSM 5.2 before I try to upgrade to 6.0.2 ? Or is it possible to install 6.0.2 directly? If so could someone post a link to a woking guide. I found a guide for 5.2 but it was from 2013 and I guess the install instructions would have been updated since then.
  4. This might be a stupid question but I used to run DSM 5.1 on my HP N54L before it crached. I then tried to install 6.0 I think but I got some problem where every time I rebooted the server it stoped working and I had to reinstall again. Can I install this from scratch ? If so whats steps do I need to take? Do I need to install 5.2 before I follow the steps in the first post or can I install 6.0 directly?
  5. burton666

    N54L Debian+WOL?

    Hi I have searched but not found any answers. I have a N54L with 5.(something) installed. I have tried enabling WOL in the settings where I have 4 Ethernet ports to enable WOL on but I have only one real ethernet port. I tried enabling WOL all four of the ports but it reverts back to unselected when i click on "save". The other thing I wonder about is if it is possible to run a full debian/ubuntu dist on the N54L and use the terminal to download software and run programs from the terminal?