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  1. Hi Vodka2014 - I can't reply to your PM, guess I'm too new. Anyway, to get the DSM working on my Gen8 Microserver I used this boot image: and followed these guides: and finally this: ... -update-2/ I've not touched 5.1 yet, wanted to let the dust settle. Good Luck!
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    DSM RAID or Controller RAID

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    DSM RAID or Controller RAID

    hi, I'm about to set-up an XPEnology server running on a HP Microserver Gen8 and I wanted to know if I should configure the disks as a RAID set within the HP controller or leave the disks as a JBOD and use the DSM software to configure the disks? Personally, I thought if I used the controller card it would provide better performance although I'm unsure if creating the RAID set within the controller card would be compatible with DSM and I don't have enough disks to test the theory (unfortunately) thanks for any help in advance.