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  1. merci je voiyais ca plus compliqué je vais tester ce soir
  2. Salut, J'ai reussi il y a quelque temps a installer un DSM 5.0 sur un GEN 8. Franchement je suis parfaitement satisfait mais j'aimerais bien mettre a jour en DSM5.1 et je vous avoue que le tuto de XPENOLOGY.NL n'est pas des plus clairs. La question est donc, comment upgrade t'on de 5.0 en 5.1 sachant que j'ai cru voire que xpenoboot avait changé de hardware ? Est-ce que je peux installer un autre XPenology avec xpenoboot 5.1 et bouger mon vmdk contenant mon volume2 sur ce nouveau syno ? Merci de vos retours
  3. Synocommunity Package repository does not work on my xpenology do you all have the same issue ?
  4. Hi All, On my list of sources packages I have for long time this link : As per synocommunity page ( the link is OK but unfortunately I can not see since some time any of their packages. Does some of you have the same behavior ? Thx
  5. Thanks johnduff, where did you download your esxi5.1 from ? HP ? Also are usb ports working on your XPEn ? I use a usb soundcard on my syno and would like to reuse it on my VirtSyno
  6. 80 reader no comments Come on guys do not be shy
  7. Hi All, I am looking for some advices. This is what I would like to do : GEN8 with Esxi and Xpenology + Some VMs running Q1 : What is Better for running Esxi ? SDCard ? USB internal ? HDD ? Q2 : Where to install XPenology ? USB ? VMDK ? Q3 : Currently I have 3 HDD : 3To + 2 x 2To. I would like to use RAID to backup data and I am wondering what is the best and how to configure it ? a: Having RAID in HP Hardware level managed. But How to do it ? b: having RAID managed by XPenology by itsel directly accessing the physical HDD Q4 : How to create a good environnement in orde
  8. That is working, I was confusing on adding xhci & adding usb device. Now I have my terratec soundcard connecte on my XPenology VM. I need to test but "sounds" great Now my concern if you have any advice is what is the good config for HDD Perhasp I will open a new thread for that as I am using VMDK and not any kind of raid or other. I will open a thread to share with you guys on Gen8 what design you made with physical disk, fault tolerance, boort on USB or not and how you manage upgrade of DSM with a virtualized Syno and others VM Thanks for your help and see you on another thr
  9. Yes I have a usb-controller on my VM. but when I look at the Esx / Configuration Tab / Advanced Settings I have the message : Host does not support passthrough config. Do you have the same ? (SORRY CAN NOT ATTACH JPG ON FORUM QUOTA HAS BEEN REACHED)
  10. What kind of CPU do you have ? Could we try to compare our Biso settings are the VM setings on the USB controller does not reveal any usb devices plugged. Would be really appreciate if we can try to compare together the differences we have. As a matter of difference first I saw you have a Esxi 5.0 mine is 5.5 ..
  11. You all are doing an amazing job Many thanks for your engagement.
  12. You all are doing an amazing job Many thanks for your engagement.
  13. Hi Balrog, I am sure my usb ports are available on the bios as I was able to install esxi5 on a usb flash drive. unfortunately my usb ports are not available on my esxi Vm world.... Any other ideas ?
  14. Hi all, I am trying to find a way to have USB ports of the server available on the XPEnology VM. I install Esxi v5.5 on the gen8 with Celeron Processeur. I can not see any usb devices on the Esxi Is there any Bios option to turn ON / OFF Thanks for your help on this ./Rémy