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  1. I only have tried an 7-8 yr old Logitech, and the one I'm using now is a cheap Chinese made one with 640x480. I have set the framerate to 30fps, but it seems more like 5-7fps.
  2. I tried to manually install it. But was having some issues and didn't want to spend the time trying to figure it out. I just wanted to have something up and running quick. I wasn't using the PI for anything else at the time so I was ok just to have it do that one thing.
  3. I'm somewhat a new user to XPE running on a N54L. I needed to setup a camera to catch who's been letting their dog do it's business without cleaning up and not wanting to buy a IP Camera. Having a few USB Webcams. I tried to use that only to find that the security app in Synology doesn't support native USB. Tried the USB Addons to trick into making the USB Camera look like a IP. None of it worked. So I looked for another solution. I began thinking if there was away to do it via hardware and decided to see what I could do with the good old hacker's delight "Raspberry PI" Didn't take me long to find this project called MotionPIE. It's basically like the security application that comes with the Synology. But I didn't want to use it's functionality but the stream it provided. I tried a few other methods and distro's that said they could turn the webcam into a 'ip camera' none of them seemed to work for me, and just decided on using MotionPie (using 20150102 release) This setup works like a dream for now. This way I'm not limited to where the NAS is located and the length of the USB wire and not having to buy a IP Camera.