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  1. Thanks. I'll take a look at I've been trolling Ebay for a N54L for some time now but I can get the gen8 for about £170-£180 with the HP cashback offers. Tempting but I think I'll hold out until after the January sales as I am convinced retailers jack the prices up and then "mark them down" for the Sales. I think my hdd are fat32 but I'll have to double check to be sure. I was going to remove the media anyway as there are lots of irrelevant pc stuff stored on there.
  2. At the moment I've got 2x 2TB drives and I like the option to add more. TBH I have no idea what Raid is and have not looked into it at all...
  3. Hi. Currently I am running PMS on my windows pc and stream to a rasberry pi (plexbmc). I want to get rid of the pc as it taking up a lot of room (desk, screen, speakers, etc.) and I do have a laptop that I can use to access the NAS/server. All I need it to run is the following: Plex Media Server Sickbeard Sabnzbd I've looked at Qnap and Synology but to seamlessly run my "setup" will cost way more than I am willing to spend - £200 budget. The plan is to keep my current drives with all my media on it and use a SSD for the OS. Having done lots of reading it looks like a HP microserver would be the best option but just want to make sure it is possible... Any recommendations/advice would be much appreciated.