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  1. Sorry for the delay, for my answer. What you wrote is a little bit worrying. I will buy a network card in case of. Any advice on a compatible network card (Gigabyte network card PCIe 2.0)
  2. Thanks a lot for your answers. I will try to upgrade tomorrow Envoyé de mon Mi A2 en utilisant Tapatalk
  3. Hello I've looked up my xpenology box and found that I've not maintained it since a long time. I've opened the specific thread for Q1900B motherboard and discovered it is closed since a very long time too. It was very long, so it's not a bad thing, but now I'm a litlle lost. This is my configuration : MotherBoard : AsRock Q1900B-ITX Network Card : integrated HD : 4 x Sata HD 1To current DSM version : 6.0.2-8451 update 11 Model : DS3615xs Usage : Web, Files, mySQL, docker myNas is not physically connected to my TV so I don't
  4. Yes Envoyé de mon Redmi Note 3 en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Hi, I answer to my own post (http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3380&start=560#p96634), as I've just migrated my Q1900 xpenology. I followed the tutorial done by polanskiman for June's loader 1.01 As described in the tutorial I've changed the serial, mac address and VID / PID values. I've also set the Sataportmap value to 22. I've not added the rmmod=r8169 insmod=r8168 that were present in my DSM 5.2 Xpenoboot After the final reboot the IP was not fixed anymore but issued from the DHCP, so I changed it back to fixed.
  6. Hello, I'm currently running DSM 5.2-5644 Update 5 on my Q1900-ITX Motherboard as a bare metal setup. 4 Sata Hard drives are installed. My Lan card is the built-in one in my syslinux.cfg file I've added the following append line based on this forum: APPEND root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs sn= mac1= vid=0x0BDA pid=0x0109 loglevel=0 vga=0x305 rmmod=r8169 insmod=r8168 this was done following forum guidelines (thanks to everybody) so I do not really understand everything If I remember well vid and pid were added to avoid automount for usb stick. Rmmod
  7. Hello, In my opinion the processor and the power supply are oversized. I'm running plex with on my j1900 proc and it's running well. With my Q1900Mother board, 4 x1TB Sata HD and 1 USB3 disk, power consumption doesn't exceed 50W The RAM may be increased to 4GB at least. To increase your disks transfer rates, you shouldn't use Raid-5 but Raid-1. the drawback is you will lose half of your capacity. The real bottleneck may be internet speed. If you are connected via Adsl the uplink may not be enough to stream HD.
  8. Hello, I've just investigated a little bit more and found the following pieces of information : When I boot with the Hard drive plugged it doesn't appear in DSM and the dmesg logs these lines : [ 6.318725] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd [ 6.331430] Got empty serial number. Generate serial number from product. [ 6.332182] hub 1-1:1.0: USB hub found [ 6.332337] hub 1-1:1.0: 4 ports detected [ 8.406734] usb 1-2: new high-speed USB device number 3 using xhci_hcd [ 8.418962] Got empty serial number. Generate serial number from product. [
  9. Hello Thanks for this forum, I've successfully assembled my xpenology and everything is working fine except one thing. I've got an issue at bootup. The external USB drive is not mounted. The usb key with xpenology is auto mounted as usbshare1. I I unplug and plug the hard drive it is mounted as usbshare2-2 But I would like to get my usb hard drive mounted at startup Do you know how I can do it ? My system is running Xpenoboot 5.2 5592 and xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 2 Thanks a lot for your help Laurent
  10. ok merci As tu des conseils sur une alimentation pas trop chère et vraiment silencieuse (si possible modulaire) ? Le fanless est hors budget. Je souhaite une alimentation Gold Minimum
  11. Bonjour et bonne année C'est un peu ce que je craignais. Sinon si je change de modèle de carte mère et que je prends une ASROCK Q1900DC-ITX, d’après ce que j'ai compris, je l'alimente avec une alimentation externe de portable. Dans ce cas est-ce que cela fonctionnerait ? et est-ce qu'une alimentation de portable de base (60W ou 90w) suffisent ou bien faut il un bloc d'alimentation spécifique ?
  12. Bonjour à tous Je viens de découvrir votre forum et après avoir passé quelques temps à me renseigner en lisant différents posts dans les section Française et Anglaise j'ai décidé de me lancer pour construire ma première configuration. Bon je ne dis pas toute la vérité, j'ai d'abord testé XPenology sur un PC de Récup (Dell optiplex 780 USFF) et j'ai été convaincu. Madame beaucoup moins, car il faisait beaucoup trop de bruit (ventilation). j'ai donc dû l'eteindre Je cherche à me faire une petite configuration NAS pas très chère, plutôt performante et surtout le point principal SILENCIE