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  1. So this morning I checked and the system partition usage had not changed. but by 10:30 am it was hung again. However, I was able to SSH into it, but i couldn't get it to reboot from the command line. I couldn't get any commands to run except basic stuff. I had to resort to the following: # echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq # echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger This essentially tells the kernel to do a power reset. Same as pressing the reset button. I could have done this by hand but I'm not at home so I needed to do it remotely. This is utterly ridiculous. I can't believe I'm having this issue. I'm at the verge of abandoning DSM and just installing something else. There is simply no reason for this. I'm so frustrated because I chose this because of its features and because it's Linux based. It should be rock solid.
  2. That's a good observation. md0 is a system partition that is spread across all the disks right? I haven't noticed that, or looked for that myself. I have nothing installed other than what is included in the basic installation. I don't do anything with this thing other than store my files on 2 volumes. I have a backup job that runs a few times a week to keep a backup of volume1, on volume2. I will do the following to watch this: du -sh * / periodically, to see what is getting bigger. then I'll go into that directory and do the same thing. weird.
  3. Xpenoboot, nanoboot, DSM 5.0, DSM 5.1...same results. Something is causing my machine to become unresponsive after a few days. Everything works PERFECTLY until then. Disks will hibernate, and everything. But after a few days, it stops responding. No SSH, no Telnet, no web interface. It will ONLY respond to pings. That's it. I even have a keyboard and monitor connected, and i can't even log into the console. It will let me type in the username, but when I press ENTER, it drops to the next line and never does anything. Sometimes, It won't even let me type the whole user name. I will type one letter and it will freeze. The only thing I can do is hard power cycle the machine. Not a peep from the logs, that I can see. Only a "disk station experienced an improper shutdown" after it's restored. What is going on here??? Any ideas?? Intel Core 2 Quad with 2GB of RAM.
  4. thanks...i tried that though. it is greyed out. i can't do anything to the volume from the GUI except delete it.
  5. Hey all. New to XPEnology, and mdadm, but not to linux. I had a drive fail in my 8-drive SHR volume made up of a six 1TB drives, and two 1.5TB drives. One of the 1TB drives failed. Anytime i replace it now, it starts up with the volume showing as crashed, and when i navigate in the GUI to the volume, only 2 or so of the drives will be a member. I have no option to put them back. I can manually get the volume back online by doing: mdadm --assemble --scan vgchange -ay vg1000 mount /volume1 All my stuff then shows up via the command line. However, of course, the GUI still shows the volume is crashed. If i reboot, it goes back to how it was before and I need to rerun the commands above to get it to mount again. If i shut down, pull out the new disk, and start up again, it comes up degraded in the GUI, and all is fine. Am I missing something? machine is an Intel C2Q board with 4 sata ports, and a cheap add on 4 port sata card. Everything works perfectly aside from, what appears to be, a software issue with the OS reordering the disks or something. Anyone have any clues?