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  1. I am very new to docker and I have tried unsuccessfully to install calibre on top of docker. If anyone has step by step guide please share. Thanks.
  2. I have an intel server and I have install the version 5 on a CF card that was attached to the IDE drive. I want to update to the DSM 6 but after reading the tutorial I am not sure if it will work since my install is done on a local IDE disk drive (my data is on SATA drives). I don't have VID/PID. Do you think I will get the error 13? Thanks for your help
  3. turuncuoglu

    Help with Gui issues

    My system updated to DSM 6 by itself and I had to downgrade it to DSM 5.2 after the downgrade it is working but when I go to the web interface I can not see the check boxes. I can not see the close and minimize bottoms as well. I tried to attach a file but the board attachment quota has been reached. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks T