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  1. you can try following command after compiling: # strip --strip-unneeded virtio.ko
  2. virtio driver with option "CONFIG_VIRTIO_PCI_LEGACY=y" wanted ! Thanks @ThorGroup, @pocopico for your great efforts. In my virtualization system, the default virtio driver cannot worked. But with option "CONFIG_VIRTIO_PCI_LEGACY=y" compiled by myself worked well. I have to insert the modules manually after the system booting. Thus, I cannot arrange a well formed img. May I ask you to update virtio driver with option "CONFIG_VIRTIO_PCI_LEGACY=y" in the default extensions ? My tested system: apollolake-7.0.1-42218.
  3. Wait for your great docker to compile modules. We can help to test various devices together to push up a beta test. Tapatalk を使用して私の ELS-NX9 から送信
  4. May we have 9p.ko 9pnet.ko 9pnet_virtio.ko for 918+ 7.0.1 . Thanks!
  5. 1. extract rd.gz in xxx.img 2. put *.ko to /lib/modules 3. edit linuxrc.syno.impl to insmod your modules 4. repack rd.gz 5. put NEW rd.gz to xxx.img
  6. vmxnet3 for DS918+, 7.0.1 wanted. Thanks. Tapatalk を使用して私の ELS-NX9 から送信
  7. my DS3615xs in a docker was same with u. hangs up after adding photos to Photo app and after starting face recognition. Tapatalk を使用して私の ELS-NX9 から送信
  8. https://gist.github.com/Izumiko/26b8f221af16b99ddad0bdffa90d4329 works great!
  9. Thank u for your great work! I should read the information more carefully. Another point for Synology Moments. If your CPU has two threads, you have to start the docker, with threads=2. Otherwise, Moments will not make face recognition. Tapatalk を使用して私の ELS-NX9 から送信
  10. I figured out. I have to use "hostdata" which is hard-coded in /usr/bin/vm-startup "rw" is OK here. I use same uid bwteen host and xpenlogy for convenience. admin@DS3615:~$ sudo mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,msize=262144 hostdata /volume1/datashare
  11. I cannot use 9p driver. Any comments welcome! admin@DS3615:~$ sudo mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,msize=262144 datashare /volume1/datashare mount: special device datashare does not exist I passed following settings to docker -e VM_PATH_9P="datashare" \ -v /tmp/tmp:/datashare \