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    I have a HP Microserver (Cel 1610 version) and am currently running Xpenology DSM 5.2-5644 (DS3615xs) but now I want to upgrade to a 6.x version. I installed my current version via this website and it worked fine, but now I can't seem to figure out where to
  2. niller

    Subfolder permission

    Peeps! I hope someone on here can help me. I am currently running a DC7800SFF on Xpenology, but had to reinstall. SInce the reinstall my sickbeard (Sickrage) can no longer access any subfolders). Adding a new show I can see Volume1 and de Video subfolder but after that, nothing. I know there are subfolders, since the webinterface and via LAN I can browse em. I've had this problem in the path while still running a DS211j which I upgraded to DSM 5.0 but I cannot remember how to correct the problem :S One thing I do remember is that I had to log onto the device over SSH and change permissions via hex. PLS help me!
  3. niller

    Lost my password :(

    I did the most stupid of stupid things. I haven't used my Server in a while because of moving house and such, now I've set it up again and I seem to have forgotten my password. I've tried all the usual suspects, but to no avail. Can anyone help me?
  4. niller

    Unable to create Folders

    Apparently my 'admin' account did not have all permissions, I could set them in my User interface. problem with Video Station solved. But SickRage still can't create folders
  5. niller

    Unable to create Folders

    That won't work. If you open up Video Statio for the first time it'll prompt you to open File Station and will create a 'video' folder with the 'Movies', 'TV Shows' and 'Home video' subfolders (from previous experience) the problem is that this doesn't happen, i.e. Video Station does not have permission to create folders in my root. and upon further testing: Neither am I, I can create subfolders to my hearts content, but creating folders in the I somehow need to change permissions for the 'admin' account I am logged in under
  6. niller

    Unable to create Folders

    Guys (and Gals ofc), I am new to XPEnology. I've installed version 5.0-4528 and it seems to run fine. After having installed Download station and Video Station I find Video station is unable to create new folders in File Station. Also having installed SickRage, it is unable to create new folder. Manually adding folders works fine in File station. To me, this seems likea permission issue, but I can't find how to solve it. Help me?