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    how to configure my HDD in XPEnology

    Thanks for the quick tip. Just to be sure, you meant 1. Create SHR volume on 500GB, extend it to include the 1TB. DSM will automatically treat this as 500 GB mirror. The remaining 500GB will be unusable until future changes such as adding disk to this volume. 2. If I have already created the 2TB as single disk SHR. This will have some overhead, but simplifies things if i add disk in the future for redundancy?
  2. PedraSimon

    how to configure my HDD in XPEnology

    Hi, In my newly built N54L, I installed 3 HDD, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB. But I am confused about the concepts of disk group, volume, raid..etc All I need is to have 500GB storage space with 1-disk redundancy and the remaining space available will be used for media which i dont care about if I lose them. How should I go about configuring the system?