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    5.0-4528 - Single Drive Sleep

    Hi I'm running DSM 5.0-4528 on a N54L MicroServer with two drives (a Samsung SSD and a WD Red). The SSD contains music (for Sonos) and the WD Red contains infrequently accessed data/backups. The problem is every time I access the music on the SSD, the WD Red is woken up. I have read numerous posts regarding this and the consensus appears to be this is normal (because of the way Synology installs a system partition on each drive) and nothing can be done about it. This is no good for me, I want the WD Red to be sleeping 90% of the time. I was previously running OpenMediaVault where the drives would sleep and wake up independently of each other. So before I sadly have to say good bye to XPEnology and try something else, I just wanted to double check that there is absolutely no way around this issue? I don't mind a bit of backend hacking if that's what is needed. I wouldn't even mind if I had to manually wake up the WD Red drive over SSH as and when I need to access it. I wonder, what about unmounting the disk, sending it to sleep via a hdparm -y, and then re-mounting it on demand. I may give this a try. Has anyone tried anything similar? Thanks