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  1. Unfortunately it does not fix the issue. Actually it is detected before install and that's why I'm able to install completely. It only disapear after the restart. Also, I tried both, with DHCP and with static ip, it's really the same result. One thing weird is that I have another xpenology on the same network and it appears too during install, but when the problem occurs on restart, nothing at all is found on I've also tried with a GA-Z97N-WIFI and it works too. I'm tempted to use it since it has 6 sata and 2 eth.
  2. I am currently trying to install and currently having issues. Install goes well, but not functioning after restart Details here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100&start=220#p84828 It may be DSM 6.0.2, but I have the same issue starting on a specific 5.2 version Did you tried? ..was it succesful ?
  3. Ok, I was able to install (+update #7) with another board, the AM1B-ITX without any problem (so far) Also there was no issue that forced me to select Force Install option Unfortunately this board was only for testing... if it is related to the H97M-ITX, is it possible its a driver issue?
  4. Hi All, First of all, I really appreciate the community effort on such great project and especially the dedicated devs. Thanks and Happy New Year! That being said, I was able to get thru the initial installation process (bare metal) : -setup of the USB key was done for the VID/PID -also generated a serial and MAC pair at -the device is found with and the synology assistant -note: I had to choose Force Install otherwise an error did not allow to proceed -everything seemed fine until restart, I've made sure to select the first line in the loader because of previous Force Install selection. Then after restart, nothing happens. Even or the assistant does not detect the device anymore. I have to wipe the drive with ubuntu live before starting again. Some things to try: -maybe i should try the SataPortMap option to specify drive count (for me would be "=1", a single drive for testing now...) instead of the Force Install ? -the board is a AsRock H97M-ITX/ac ..wonder if it's an hardware issue. I'll check if I can find another board. there something obvious that I've missed here?
  5. @Schmill: ASRock AM1B-ITX + AMD Athlon 5350 Kabini Quad-Core 2.05GHz Socket AM1
  6. or using vim with: :%!xxd to switch into hex mode :%!xxd -r to exit from hex mode