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    Hi, as you can see, im here new. I read some articles and threads on this forum, but i still dont understand some things. It would be nice from you, if you could help me. I would like to build small home NAS. My first question is: Xpenology OS is installed on every disk i will use, or only one will i choose to be installation disk? if only one, can i use 32GB ssd? I need nas only for some documents, and to play 2 full hd movies at the time. Will be good for me Asrock Q1900DC with J1900 atom processor? can it handle 2 movies at the time? or will be better to buy asus h81T or asus Q87T with G1820? i wont use more than 2/4hdds. If i will buy Q87T(2 network adapters), will they work together at the same time? Or something other? I prefer DC-adapters. Thank you guys!