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  1. I went through the dilemma about a year ago. I ultimately decided to go Bare Metal, and I've been happy with the results. I recall that there were some limitations when going virtual - and as I was dedicating the hardware for NAS purposes, I didn't see a need for the trade off. It will be interesting to see what others have to ad.
  2. I caught an interesting post in another thread: The details in the linked post seem to match what we have been discussing here, and editing /etc/synouser.conf appears to be the fix. Edit: Tested it with success. Login at console vi /etc/synoinfo.conf Find the line: eth0_mtu="2000" replace with: eth0_mtu="1500" save file (:wq!) Reboot Shows up in Synology Assistant again, and all services look to start correctly. The services are also available much quicker after a reboot. Now - I noticed that ONLY eth0 was set to 2000: eth3_mtu="1500" eth2_mtu="1500" eth1_mtu="1500" eth0_mtu="2000" That makes me wonder: Might an alternative solution for some to simply use a different port? At the very least - it appears that knowing that MTU is at the core of the issue should help all of us.
  3. Simple case: NAS #2: set to DHCP, Applied Setting Resource Monitor Started to work! Set back to static IP, Applied Setting Resource Monitor still working Reboot: Synology Assistant still showed nothing. Resource Monitor broken again Nas #1: (I played a bit more here, but no more success) IPv6 Set to "Off" IPv4 Uncheck "Enable Jumbo Frame" Apply Still Broken Reboot Still Broken ??Noticed "Enable Jumbo Frame" is checked again.... set to DHCP, Applied Setting Resource Monitor Started to work Synology Assistant still showed nothing. Rebooted again Synology Assistant still showed nothing. Logged in at console. NO IP address assigned! 2: eth0: mtu 1500 qdisc mq state UP qlen 1000 link/ether 00:11:32:xx:xx:xx brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ifconfig eth0 down dhclient -r eth0 dhclient eth0 Can access NAS ok via assigned IP address Resource monitor working Set to Static IP, applied setting Resource monitor working Synology Assistant still showed nothing. So - not sure what I've learned through all of this, other than I can get Resource monitor to kickstart by toggling the IP between static and DHCP. It makes no difference on whether or not it can be found in Synology Assistant
  4. I'm still playing - but thought that I would post initial results (same on 2 N54L's) NAS #1: Boot to new bootloader Migrate: 5.2-5592 (Working - visible in Synology Assistant & working resource monitor) Apply Update 1 (Still Working) Set Static IP address Reboot No longer visiable in Synology Assistant Broken Resource monitor (0%, bars at center) Downgrade (Migrate): 5.2-5592 (Working) Set Static IP address (visible in Synology Assistant & working resource monitor) Reboot !! No longer visible in Synology Assistant Broken resource monitor NAS #2: Boot to new bootloader Migrate: 5.2-5592 (Working - visible in Synology Assistant & working resource monitor) Set Static IP address (Working - visible in Synology Assistant & working resource monitor) Reboot No longer visiable in Synology Assistant Broken Resource monitor (0%, bars at center) Still experimenting - but same issues appear to remain.
  5. I thought that I would share an interesting twist.... I upgraded my second XPEnology box (to 5.2-5565), applied no Updates - and am seeing some of the same issues. So - it is "interesting" that downgrading resolved my issues previously... But it would appear that the "cause" may not in fact be the updates. I read that 5.2-5592 is forthcoming - so it will be interesting to see what results from that in comparison.
  6. Yes - I have seen that on both of my HP N54L's One I downgraded back to DSM 5.2-5565 (no updates) and it has been great since. The other, I only installed DSM 5.2-5565... and had that issue. Also some other problems - such as resource monitor not working. I initially thought that it was the Updates - but that seems to be proven false. Manually setting the IP from the command-line and restarting SAMBA services got me to a "mostly functional" state. Hoping that 5592 will see an improvement once released.
  7. I'm with you.... The effort that has gone into making XPEnology is appreciated. The interesting thing (at least for me) is that this has been an interesting jumping point - or gateway to Synology products. After playing with it for a while, I've upgraded my parents from a D-Link NAS to a "real" Synology 2-bay device. I've also worked with a few friends, and recommended Synology devices on their networks. I've also started to look at some of the real Synology devices for home use - to replace my XPEnology box. Considering the "value" I place on my data - I'm not opposed to spending money on a supported platform. For my "data" NAS - there is a very good chance that I'll go this way within the next 6 months. For my secondary NAS (that I use for Plex and transcoding) - I wish that Synology would release something with a bit more horsepower. I suppose that this is where there is a decision point: A larger NAS that can support multiple RAID volumes, and an external PMS box might be the better way to go. (If a bit cost prohibitive) LOL - have to love first world problems.
  8. 5.2-5592 Update 1 is now out. One of my "real" Synology boxes got the update last night.
  9. I have a HP N54L booting from a USB drive (bare metal install) and all 5 bays are available for hard disks. I don't recall having to do anything special - just create the boot image on the USB, and plug it into the internal USB socket.
  10. What version are you running now with errors? I had a number of strange things, and simply downgrading as a migration to 5.2-5565 solved them. I am pretty sure that can be done without Synology Assistant, just step through the wizard.
  11. HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer High level, I followed this guide: xpenology.me/how-to-downgrade-from-dsm-5-2/ log in as root at the console Edit /etc.defaults/VERSION (using vi at the console) Set the line minorversion=”1" and buildnumber=”5021" (I suspect any number less than 5565 would have actually worked) Reboot, selecting install/upgrade Once the NAS has rebooted, I did an installation of DSM 5.2-5565 pat file as a manual installation, and used “migration” to keep my accounts and settings Once installed, Control Panel -> "Update & Restore" -> DSM Update -> Update Settings -> uncheck "Check for DSM updates automatically"
  12. I thought that I would post an update in case others are having similar issues. I downgraded to 5.2-5565 and the issues seemed to all be resolved. I then upgraded to 5.2-5565 Update 1, and the issues re-introduced themselves. So I've again downgraded to 5.2-5565 Once downgraded: - My NAS is again visible for synology assistant - my windows share is available upon boot (no need to cycle the off/on the SMB service) - resource monitor is working again - SSH is available upon boot - Notificaiton emails are working ok - Time between boot and the Web interface being available seems reduced Now that 5.2-5592 is out, I think that I'm going to sit tight for a bit - and see what happens.
  13. I've not noticed teh issue with Synology assistant, but haven't really tried. I did have the issue with SMB Resource monitor isn't working correctly AND I noticed a lack of event emails coming from the system (This is the most troublesome) Toying with the best approach... Considering a clean install. I"m on a N54L, so those theorizing that the issues are on the N40L would be guessing wrong.
  14. Thank you for this post. It saved me a bunch of troubleshooting. Only a couple of differences in my case: 1.) I had a static IP address on 5.0 prior to upgrading to 5.2 (and then Update 2) 2.) I just brought the entire eth0 interface down, (this also removed the IPv6 portions that had been brought up during the upgrade) - ifconfig eth0 down - ifconfig eth0 IPofNAS netmask up - pinged a machine of the network to check if networking is working - Logged into DSM, set a static IP corresponding to the permanent DHCP lease for the nas - disabled IPV6 Only other thing that caught me "off guard" is that the box boots much quicker than the web interface comes online. I needed to wait 5 minutes from reboot to have the web interface live. I imagine that is typical - but when running quick diagnostics, thought it might save someone else a headache to have it noted. HP Gen7 N54L: baremetal installation
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