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    WOL in DSM 5.0 (N54L)

    Update: I've used the script without /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh file and it works. I really don't understand how but it works
  2. rabside

    WOL in DSM 5.0 (N54L)

    In that guide the rar archive contains only the sh script posted by hawie. There isn't the /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh file. Do you have it on your NAS?
  3. rabside

    WOL in DSM 5.0 (N54L)

    Hi CtrlAltDel, your URL Is empty. Could you correct it? Thank you
  4. rabside

    DSM 5.0-4528 Wake On LAN

    Hi, I own an HP N54L with DSM 5.0-4528 X64 (update 2) and nanoboot WOL doesn't work, is it a nanoboot bug? When the system is up&running, Syno Assistant recognises the WOL feature active on NAS, but it can't power it up. Do you have any ideas? Thx a lot
  5. rabside

    WOL in DSM 5.0 (N54L)

    How does it work? the file /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh doesn't exist, so this script only puts down the ethernet interface.
  6. Hi guys, I own an HP N54l with DSM 5.0-4528 update 2. I'm very satisfied with it but I can't use the WOL feature. I've tried the guides found on forum but they are a little bit outdated. Do you have any idea how to achieve it? thx
  7. Hi guys, I own an Asustor 202te but I'm not very satisfied about its OS. So I'm evaluating an HP n54l to replace it. I have only a question: what about power saving schedule? In Asustor console, I can schedule when the unit will shutdown and boot. Can I use this feature on n54l with DSM? Thanks a lot