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  1. Update: I've used the script without /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh file and it works. I really don't understand how but it works
  2. In that guide the rar archive contains only the sh script posted by hawie. There isn't the /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh file. Do you have it on your NAS?
  3. Hi CtrlAltDel, your URL Is empty. Could you correct it? Thank you
  4. Hi, I own an HP N54L with DSM 5.0-4528 X64 (update 2) and nanoboot WOL doesn't work, is it a nanoboot bug? When the system is up&running, Syno Assistant recognises the WOL feature active on NAS, but it can't power it up. Do you have any ideas? Thx a lot
  5. How does it work? the file /var/packages/shutdown_script/DSShutdown.sh doesn't exist, so this script only puts down the ethernet interface.
  6. Hi guys, I own an HP N54l with DSM 5.0-4528 update 2. I'm very satisfied with it but I can't use the WOL feature. I've tried the guides found on forum but they are a little bit outdated. Do you have any idea how to achieve it? thx
  7. Hi guys, I own an Asustor 202te but I'm not very satisfied about its OS. So I'm evaluating an HP n54l to replace it. I have only a question: what about power saving schedule? In Asustor console, I can schedule when the unit will shutdown and boot. Can I use this feature on n54l with DSM? Thanks a lot