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    Upgraded to DSM 5 on gnoboot web station broken

    fixed it sickbro wrote: Poechi wrote: - Web station and photo station not working. The usergroup 'http' is not listed. Had to manually create the account in usergroups. Given the right permissions on web folder and web station started to work. Needed to re-install photo station. Can you shed a little light on this? I just upgraded to gnoboot 5.0 and I can't get my photo station running. I tried creating "http" through the gui, and it said it was reserved. I found it in the user list via SSH, but I'm not sure what it needs access to. Thanks
  2. I upgraded to dsm 5 using the latest gnoboot the only issue is the web station is confirmed to be on but it will not display any webpages
  3. Does anyone know of a sata card or if sata multiplexer external 4 or 8 bay like (Mediasonic HF2-SU2S2 ) can be used. sorry if this has been answered I search and could not find an answer.
  4. sreed77

    PAt files

    sorry if this has been mentioned before I searched and could not. I see that there is a new release DSM 4.2-3211 and I want to know how I would take this and modify it to work my microserver thanks
  5. sreed77

    low power

    where do I go to get nighthawks version for the HP mini server.
  6. sreed77

    low power

    You are right N54L is the way to go order it and a pair of 3 TB drives Does this hardware work out of the box?
  7. sreed77

    low power

    I hoping to be able to do it much cheaper N40L (almost the same cost as actual ysnology) just a basic motherboard and hardrive setup. Any suggestions for itx motherboards I can buy from microcenter or fry
  8. sreed77

    low power

    thank you for all the replies here is what I'm looking for. 1- very low power at idle 2- at least 4 Sata ports 3- at least 8 GB of ram 4- very small form factor 5- Hardware that works out of the box with synology
  9. sreed77

    low power

    I'm looking to build a low power system can anyone suggest a motherboard that is very low power to use for this