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  1. as i sayd u have to update the grub bootloader config and put the correct mac address in grub.conf mkdir -p /tmp/synoboot1 cd /dev mount -t vfat synoboot1 /tmp/synoboot1 (warning mount /dev/synoboot1 doesnt wotk! u must cd in dev to get it working) vi /tmp/synoboot1/boot/grub/grub.cfg replace all mac1=XXXXXXXXXXXX with the mac address of your ethernet card w/o the ":" maybe all uppercase save it umount /tmp/synoboot1 reboot
  2. i think mine was not working until i fixed the kernel cmd line setting the correct mac1 one of the ./rploader.sh command update the mac1 in user_config.json with a synology mac address, i have replaced this value with the real mac address of my nic which is not the integrated one but an intel pro 1000 dual port
  3. i have it working on my N54L, but i think wol work only for the mac1 which i set from the kernel cmd line i'm been using an intel dual port
  4. this is one of the hw we like to support, but we dont have it no one is able to pull dmesg ?
  5. è probabile, ma io non ci scommetto e fidati di quello che dico
  6. sono un po di giorni che è stato risolto il problema del timebomb il fatto è che risalire a tutte le protezioni infilate da synology è abbastanza complesso e quindi non c'è una certezza
  7. u can find it into the hda1.tgz inside the .pat
  8. i was not aware about 5004 installs fine on nanoboot and this is promising as i cant find nanoboot source, i compared nanoboot and a stock rd, and applied thing over 5004 rd but is a stripped down version, i didnt apply things which looked to be cosmetics
  9. the current problem is this one: Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: updater.c:5011 Start of the updater... Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: updater.c:5120 This is X86 platform Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: updater.c:5123 ==== Start flash update ==== Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: boot/boot_lock.c(225): failed to mount boot device /dev/synoboot2 /tmp/bootmnt (errno:6) Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: updater.c:4945 Failed to mount boot partition Jan 1 00:00:14 updater: updater.c:5711 Failed to accomplish the update! (errno = 2) for some reason it's trying to mount /dev/synoboot2, and this thing should not happen
  10. CONFIG_EXT4_FS_SYNO_ACL does not exist on 4458 kernel too btw, this is the 4458 to 5004 bromolow config changes http://sprunge.us/iHbO