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    32 bit instead of 64

    Hi All. someone give me a loaded gun, i need to shoot my stoopid self. Just an update. I got x86 DSM5 installed and am running parity check on 2 disks so i thought i'd better give some feed back to my original issue. "File probably corrupted" message when trying to install DSM5 on x86. I feel so stupid because its everywhere that the ds214play will only support max 2 internal disks. The problem i had created was populating the P4 old dell machine with 3 disks (sata0, sata1, and sata2.) baiscally ds214play.pat will get its knickers in a twist because it is expecting to only see 2 disks. d'Oh ..... i've been trying to get this install since thursday evening and only got past the install of dsm pat file now. (on friday i got vexed and i did give up for the entire weekend) by the way... would anyone have suggestions for bios optimisations? ie) ACHI over ATA, hyperthreading (on or off), and hdd performance (bypass or performance). its a dell bios and these are the only 3 items that seem worth experimenting with. i found found this thread that may explain how to get more disks recognised in ds214play https://translate.google.com/translate? ... edit-text= the above link is from the french section of this forum. Again. Much, Muchos, Tres love and appreciation for the contributors to xpenology and this forum.
  2. ravana

    32 bit instead of 64

    with regards to x86 dsm 5 install failure. hiya, did you manage to get past this, i had dsm 4.3 working and decided to clean install dsm 5. have downloaded the NB [nanoboot] images from all over and the pat file multiple times. i keep getting the same file corrupt message. if i can find the boot image i used with 4.3 i am going to re-install that and try to upgrade to dsm5. wish me luck. regards sal ps, i should add thanks to sancome, trantor, gnoboot peeps and the xpenology community in general pushing this project forward, i've been lurking on this forum for over a year now and just registered myself today on this forum. sal.