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  1. Does RAID Group tend to slow stream to the server? I've noticed the files that we used to be able to access and play with no issues are actually buffering. I've never used RAID GRoup before is there a tweak I can set? And if it is the Group that's slowing it down is there a way to split the group up. The other thing that might be slowing it down is possibly the one HD is connected via Sata Card
  2. man this Gparted would have made my life so much easier. I was trying so many other partition apps to do exactly this. Thanks so much for the link. I need to try and be a lot more patient and wait for you guys to respond next time. I got the SATA Manger to finally display. I had the jump on the wrong port. Since it's the 1st and only HD connected I guess it needs to be on Port A. I configured as Concatenate in the Manager. All boots up fine but I don't see this drive in the Storage Manager
  3. man this Gparted would have made my life so much easier. I was trying so many other partition apps to do exactly this. Thanks so much for the link. I need to try and be a lot more patient and wait for you guys to respond next time.
  4. This is some really good info. thank you. but I got so frustrated trying to do this balance my own workload and run a household full of kids I got impatient removed all the drives formatted them in a dock station and install 6.1.3. Then I mounted my DSM to his and copied my files over. which went super fast btw. did now I could do that. stumble on that option by accident. The only issue with his box now is that two of the Sata ports have been broken, wasn't me I swear. So i bought a Sata Card. now I understand that not all sata card work with the DSM but I'm not even getting to the boot of the
  5. one of the 4 ports failed to connect a hardrive. there's nothing on this drive and i never grouped it with the others as it wasn't visible after the install. I picked up a sata card. how do I let my DSM know to now see the hardrive on the new port. This drive is 2TB the other 3 are 3tb.port that failed is on the motherboard so i had no more room for another port so I picked up a card. If I switch to the new port on the card the box does not boot up. if i just unplugg that one port the box does not boot up. when i plug it back in the failed port box boots up but the HD is not visible
  6. did the update and now my box keeps looking in recovery mode. Anyone have a suggestion please
  7. I'm using XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5967.1.img as the bootloader, and.PAT file for the DS3615xs. but i get an error message. you have to use an installation fil of 15152 or later. Any suggestions
  8. Just a quick note: I haven't tried this yet because my best friends mother passed away the night before I was to go to his place to fix it. I will still try this but at a later time. Don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring your awesome help.
  9. Tried to reset to admin following the youtube video and now when I try to login with user admin and no password it says account disabled. couple of things please and thank you in advance: can a install using a new version will i loose all my data on my hardrive is there another solution
  10. This resolved my issue thanks much for your help
  11. Ran out of SATA ports and got myself a card. only options are RAID0 - 5 , Single Drive and Concatenation. It's just one drive I want. Ran Format then tried Single with no luck, keeps saying RAID1 not set. Tried Concatenation with set but upon rebooting my NAS I don't see this drive available. Any suggestions please.
  12. Thank you for this idea. I will give it a try when I get to my friends place again on Friday and let you know if this works. Much appreciated for the help bro.
  13. Hey all you smart owners of Xpen. I have this one issue. if I have all 4 drives plugged in the machine it will not boot. but if i unplug them all but one and when it gets the the boot menu I plugg the others back in then it boots fine and reads all the drives fine.
  14. perfect that worked great thank you. One odd issue. I had to unplug all but one internal hard-drive in order to reboot. If I plugged all 4 in it would not boot up. Once the menu boot appears I could plug in the other drives. Any suggestions please
  15. I'f I've installed and built a DSM at one place. It should work no problem at another location correct. I built a PC and put the DSM on it and it will be going to another home. I had this horrible though that it may not work at someone else network.
  16. have you folks ever figured out how to resolve this issue. I'm total stuck on the same with DSM 6. What do I do. I even tried resetuser=admin I get the disabled msg when i type in admin
  17. upgraded to 6 and reset user = admin now we get "your account has been disabled please contact your administrator"
  18. ok Tried Google Chrome and I'm able to see the login screen but now it says incorrect user/password. How do I reset DSM 6.2566. does this mean his network is band from DSM if so how can I fix this
  19. I had my friends DSM at myplace to insert an addition HD. I booted it up just to make sure it boots then when my friend took it home we can search and find the DSM in the Assistant however when we click to connect url can't find page. Any suggestions please
  20. using the 5.2 version copied to USB using win32Image when booted up to USB nothing happens just flashing cursor top left of the screen. Any suggestions Please this is the hardware: 865 PE/G Neo2 (MS-6728) v1. X ATX mainboard. The 865 PE/G Neo2 is based on Intel® 865PE/ G & ICH5 chipsets
  21. I had the same issue and i reloaded my DSM and my drives are all visible ok. the only concern I have the status says "System Partitian Failed" in the storage manager. Any suggestions
  22. I'm not sure what the problem is. I've even reinstalled my Xpenology 5.2 5644 still no luck. Any suggestions please
  23. yes when i connect to media player locally the files work fine and when I connect via server as samba or NSF shared that's when I have an issue. I have a lot of files copying right now from one HDD to another, plus the kids are streaming file via there devices at any given time then me with my 2 media player devices it might be too much for my server which is why I got the unmanned switch. Oddly enough it's even worse when I plug the server and the Media devices directly to the switch. In order to get the best performance I need to connect the server and media device directly to the router. Al