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    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Yes, it seems that the loader for 3617xs doesn't patch all the system files correctly and a timebomb gets activated. Same problem here unfortunately (however, for the moment I'm saved due to having a working snapshot on ESXi). @Jun, are there any plans to update your 3617xs image to get rid of this?
  2. Hetfield

    NEW DSM 5.1-5004 AVAILABLE !!

    Already donated, I have faith in the developers
  3. Hetfield

    NEW DSM 5.1-5004 AVAILABLE !!

    Many thanks lowietje, indeed lets hope that some developer can figure out what's happening here. I'd be more than happy to beta test it.
  4. Hetfield

    NEW DSM 5.1-5004 AVAILABLE !!

    This specific error can be caused (on a "normal" linux installation) by missing CONFIG_DEVTMPS=y in the kernel configuration. Does anybody know if the kernel configuration in the Nanoboot image does have this setting?