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  1. Ok. Answering my own question as I figured it out and someone else may benefit. Edit files: /etc/init/smbd.conf /etc/init/nmbd.conf and insert -s /usr/syno/etc/smb.conf.NEW, for both smbd and nmbd exec strings, whereas *.NEW contains customized smb conf, save & reboot.. All is well with my samba tweaks.
  2. Hello, I'd like to add more directories to samba smb.conf which will survive a reboot. I've been successful adding to smb.conf and restarting samba and all is well. As soon as I reboot, the smb.conf is defaulted to reflect a single volume (which I have setup). Anyone know how to do this? I've tried adding startup scripts, editing existing startup scripts to no avail. Booting: NB_x64_5032_DSM_50-4493_Xpenology_nl.img Running: DSM 5.0-4493