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  1. Hi Guys, wanted to share a small project i worked on... i managed to get an old SS4200-E which is a 4Bay Intel NAS of course it didnt work anymore also the CPU was an LGA775 procesor and with 1GB ram as well sata2... but a nice casing that just looked a bit colorless......and boring.... but the cool thing is it can be used either vertical or horizontal, you just need to remove the "feets" and mount them in teh secondary position. as mention looked boring.. so not that im a big Flash fan but somehow it was fitting... but i waned a dirtier look not the clean polished one but the darker side of flash. after painting..... Inside View... custom cover for teh power supply, also i added an internal USB slot, i had to cut the back open to fit the new mini ITX board with 4 x sata3 connectos and i added 8GB RAM. need to change the cpu from a celeron to at least an i3 or i5 but did not ahve a spare one... also the RGB LED are missing here in this shots still.. currently programming them with arduino for special effects. any feedback is welcome cheers... dottoremoe //
  2. I run into trouble after a power outage while adding new drives to the array. which scrambled my volume and i couldnt access my data any longer. if looking at the picture volume_manager you see that its 6% usage with 500GB data (which cant be as its only the DSM installed (DSM 6.0.2-8451)) but if looking at the RaidGroup Picture you can see the correct info with the 10TB used. this is the data i nee to access and save anyone here who can assist me? Image link: if you are a black belt raid master please pm me thank you
  3. docmoe

    Working DSM 6

    or we dump synology put all our heads together and come up with our own open source nas which will be better than theirs.... #epicpoll
  4. docmoe

    Synology Community Package Sources

    Hi All, i added all known sources together in this site together with uptime monitoring. please let me know if i miss any sources or you have some updates and i will update them. just thought we need something a bit more easy & user friendly hope i managed to do so. more info here: ... e-monitor/ cheers .docmoe.