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    Buenas, Lo he intentado con dos servidores placas Supermicro raid 1 de dos discos, todo el hardware identico, sin exito. Se queda realizando el cluster y termina fallando. ¿Alguien lo ha conseguido?
  2. I replicate your scenario, with the 2 super micro boards , raid 1 in both servers, and both with different macs on eth0 and eth1, serial different too, but unfornately no luck. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Please anyone with the High availability working on XPenology?
  4. Hi all, I´m trying to do the same setup with HA on 2 Supermicro boards Atom onboard, same hardware on both servers. Did you get it to work finally? Please share your results. Did the Mac address change and vendor solve the problem? Thanks in advance. Regards.