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  1. Need some help with N40L + XPEnoboot + DSM 5.1 5022 U4. I'm sorry if there had been similar threads and if there already is, kindly please take me to it. Thanks! I previously had 2x 2TB disks in an SHR volume (1.8TB usable) and it is almost full. I inserted a third 2TB disk and added it to the same volume. This "expanded" the volume to take up the extra drive. The process took over 24 hours but when the task completed, the total capacity remained at 1.8TB. The picture below clearly shows that all three 2TB disks has been added but the total capacity available is still 1.8TB when it should've been increased to 3.6TB. Moving further, I decided to do a series of experiments. I backed up my date and deleted the volume. I recreated a new one using all three drives and it yielded 3.6TB, the correct capacity. I then proceeded with the 2nd experiment. I deleted the volume again and simulated my original setup... which is just the two disks. Again, after creating a 2-disk SHR volume, I added the third disk and proceeded to expand the capacity. Long story short, I encountered the same exact problem as before. In this state, the N40L seems to crash when you issue a reboot or shutdown from within DSM and I had to power-cycle the box manually to get it back into a usable state. The box is currently headless in a remote part of my home. But I can take it to my shop if I have to. Any ideas?