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  1. My view on the QC topic and those owning a genuine Synology box: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/6615-quickconnect-banningblock/?do=findComment&comment=60255 I wont answer any questions relating on how to rape Synology. Sorry. Thanks for taking time to answer my question. Is there an alternative way to access XPE remotely without QC? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the guide Polankisman, I have a baremetal install on my n54l. I have an old broken DS411j and want to change the SN/MAC on XPE to get quickconnect and other apps to work. I tried reading different guides on here but can't work it out so would really appreciate some help with that please. I know it's frowned upon but I have a genuine synology box which is not working. Thanks
  3. A_M_303

    Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI (rev. 1.0)

    I'm also interested in this board. Anyone has any experience with it running Xpenology? It's between this one or the Asus H97I-PLUS. I'm finding the dual ethernet appealing on the Gigabyte.