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  1. can you please tell me which are the DSM partitions, beacuse I have forgot the password, and I have no SSH or Admin account activated..... When I look the partition with Ubuntu, I can not understand which one I have to delete... Thanks for the help....
  2. I've made agin all the steps to configure correctly the USB memory, but this time using only the 2,5 GB NIC. All now is working.
  3. Tutto funziona normalmente, dopo aver rifatto la configurazioine...
  4. To be more prices I use this specific PCIe NIC: https://www.amazon.com/2-5GBase-T-Network-RTL8125B-Ethernet-Controller/dp/B08V1HG47H/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1CAC95336UVU5&keywords=ORICO+2.5GBase-T+PCIe+Network+Card&qid=1658475786&sprefix=orico+2.5gbase-t+pcie+network+card%2Caps%2C373&sr=8-4
  5. Yes, with Redpill mini OS during the configuration, I have used this connection to configure it in remote. And now with the demo of Unraid it works.
  6. Buongiorno a tutti, qulacuno mi saprebbe aiutare a far "vedere" questa scheda di rete correttamente? GRAZIE!
  7. Hello to everyone that can help me. I have successfuly installed the NAS with the TinyCore RedPill DSM 7.1_42661 (DS918+ "apollolake"), I have tried the only two spk drivers I found (bb-qq and pocopico), but both of them are for USB NIC. Have someone the driver for this PCIe board ? Thanks alot! Filippo
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