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    Love Xpenology?

    I am looking for a writer that enjoys writing about technology and more specifically Xpenology. We can also discuss compensation - contact me if you're interested!
  2. This is already in the process over at xpenology.org - just submit tutorials you want to add to the site and they will get put up.
  3. Main Board: Asus h87i-plus DSM 5.- 4528 Working great!
  4. First I want to start off by thanking everyone here for all that they do here. I once went from knowing nothing about a NAS to building my own custom setup with Xpenology. It was because of the various forums and tutorials that made it all possible. I am a member over at http://xpenology.org and would encourage anyone interested to contribute over there as well. I love the community and just how willing everyone has been every step of the way. Thank you.
  5. xds40

    USB drive

    Right, this is why I wanted to get that usb out and use another smaller one. I have successfully done this, thanks!
  6. xds40

    USB drive

    Ok so when I look at the current USB drive that had been attached to the system for booting, it's now a bunch of folders and files. How do I create a disk image out of this?
  7. xds40

    USB drive

    When I initially setup my NAS with Xpenology, I used ally favorite 32gb USB drive. Now I have realized the drive kinda needs to be there permanently so should I just copy the image over to a smaller drive that I have? Is it that easy or are there more steps involved? I searched this forum and couldn't find an answer really.
  8. What would work best for games? Gaming would be about 5-10% of what I use it for.
  9. So could I use Ubuntu desktop (not good with command line) and just use vnc?
  10. Right I understand this could be done with just Ubuntu but I like have the backups on a RAID. If Ubuntu can do all of this and more, why would one install Xpenology at all?
  11. Hello everyone and thanks in advance for all of the great info provided on this forum. I am new to all of this and after falling in love with DSM and realizing the specs of Sinology's hardware was pretty weak, I decided to build my own machine with Xpenology. So here is my setup Fractal Design Node 304 8GB RAM 3.1GHZ Quad Core i5 ASUS H87i-Plus Seasonic 360w 80+ gold 2x 2TB WD RED (will be adding 2 more 4TB) My goal is to use this system for backing up two MAC's and my photography HD which has about a TB of photos on it and currently growing. I would also love to use the s
  12. I am planning a build with very similar parts Fractal Design Node 304 Asus 87I- Plus Intel Core i5-4430 3.0GHz Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 SeaSonic 360W 80+ Gold Certified ATX 4X Western Digital Red 2TB Anyone familiar with Xpenology, please let me know if you see any issues with this build and Xpenology compatibility. OP good luck with your build, seems we are on the same page here.