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  1. RAID is the best option when you don't have money to buy 2 storage units and replicate the data. Yes if you have not critical data put it on a single disk volume for fast write but the rest of your data? SHR FTW If you have a problem with 1 disk it is normal, you can swap it and you don't loose anything. It is very unlikely that 2 disk die at the same time on your NAS. You can have only 1 disk or 2 disks without RAID, and without you knowing one fails on you and you would wish you had RAID. Yes it is not a backup solution, you can have your SHR or RAID volumes being uploaded to AMAZON, or other service, but if you have money for that why wouldn't you buy 6 disks and RAID it?! Thats just common sense.
  2. I was thinking of creating a automatic backup of DSM settings, in order to be able to restore DSM to its good state if USB corruption occurs. The idea is to save the ".dss" file to a CloudSync folder so it is updated in "Dropbox" or "OneDrive" or other service. Does anybody know if we can do this by script? Thanks!