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  1. QWERT

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    excellent that helps! not sure when i will do my build, but i will post hopefully ssd-->5 or 6 Tb
  2. QWERT

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    thx k! that is interesting i would have hoped for more, do you mind sharing the disk-sizes and types for that transfer? was it like a) SSD --> 4 Tb SATA or more like b) 1 Tb SATA --> 2 Tb SATA, just to get a feeling as i would think that a) should give more speed than b) Any particular reason for not using the onboard chip,e.g. is the onboard weak? or you wanted a proper nic..
  3. QWERT

    Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    kasteleman: i like your implementation thx! Would you mind sharing the up and download speeds you get from/to xpenology? @all: i really appreciate this thread&forum, thanks for sharing your findings