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  1. Can I remove the wifi card, use a mini pcie to pcie , and then use a pcie board? pc<->1<->2<->3 3 is a SER6427A, Because it does not require a power supply
  2. Unfortunately this machine does not support the m2 interface, but I was surprised to find that it has an UltraBay interface, I read online that this is equivalent to a pcie interface, I'm going to make my own adapter board and then adapt the adapter you mentioned, interesting
  3. My laptop doesn't have a serial port, can I plug in a ch340 converter? Here's what I'm envisioning laptop<-->ch340<---->ch340<-->laptop
  4. Similar to the one inside the picture. My other machines also do not have serial ports. I want to plug in an adapter for each of the 2 laptops and link them. Is this feasible? pc<-->ch340<-->ch340<-->pc (My NIC won't drive and it's giving me a hard time, I'd like to see what the logs look like. )
  5. Hello, I am using the same machine, have you succeeded? I have tested all kinds of drivers, but they cannot drive, I have tested many drivers, but they cannot drive. In addition, I would like to ask how you installed 6.2.3. I used 1.03B, and the machine could not drive the network card. I would really like to know your boot version and system version so I can copy it
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