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  1. The above drivers work great! thanks!!!
  2. you can try another setting: esataportcfg="0x10" (1 esata ) internalportcfg="0x2f" (5 sata) had you hacked you bios and set Ports 4 & 5 to use AHCI ? http://homeservershow.com/hp-proliant-n ... sited.html
  3. My N36L get perfect WOL with the help from chinese forum: http://nas1.cn/thread-64278-1-1.html 1. modify the /etc/synoinfo.conf wol_enabled_options=“” and eth0_wol_options="" to "g" 2. put the attached file to /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/ and give the file execuable permission。
  4. There are some compatible USB speaker list at: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.php/User_Reported_Compatible_USB_Speakers , and the CM108 chips should be work. Maybe our XPEnology missing some drivers.
  5. hi all,I had tried to use a USB speaker (CM108 chips) in N36L with DSM4.2,but it cann't work. Anyone has Successful experience? which USB speaker is compatible?
  6. I test internalportcfg="0x1e" esataportcfg="0x21" with N36L, the DSM cann't show the harddisk when plug into the slot1. so i use internalportcfg="0xf",esataportcfg="0x30" is ok. I try to set usbportcfg="0x3fc0" (8 usb port), DSM can show the usb disk ,but it will get error message when i eject it.
  7. If I use microserver-dsm-4.2-02.05.2013.img and its models. My n40l fails to shut down. Anybody confirms this? My N36l can shutdown with these two files.
  8. Hi, I have the same problem,i go to edit the /etc/exports file, but there are no shared directory inside, should i create it manual?